Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born in 1880, in Dusseldorf, Germany.
PWBy the time he immigrated to the USA in 1923, Pilates was already establishing himself as a health and wellness exercise visionary. A pioneer in his approach, his direction was holistic, guided by the principle that physical and mental wellbeing are inherently linked.
PWAhead of his time, Pilates realized the importance of regaining the mental focus, the natural rhythm and the physical coordination that modern living erodes.
PWJo Pilates, and his wife Clara, worked tirelessly for over 40 years to influence exercise practices in this country. Though they didn’t live to see their ideas become widespread, their teachings passed on and continued to grow, touching and altering the way millions of practitioners worldwide have come to understand movement and wellness.

Joseph Pilates developed his exercise method based on his inherent understanding of sound bio mechanic principles of movement and anatomy.
PWThe body conditioning system he created focuses on balancing the actions of the body's whole structure: the skeleton, the joints and muscles, and the major organs.
PWThe exercises promote strength, stamina and flexibility, integrating the body into a coordinated efficient whole.

Through his extensive writings and documentation, and through his many devoted students, Joseph Pilates' life work continues to grow today, over 40 years after his passing away in 1967.
PWAt Pilates Way this work lives on with utmost dedication and years of expertise.
PWOur goal is to teach the Pilates Method to the highest standards, honoring and continuing the great legacy of Joseph Pilates.

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